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Sallie Palmer - Certified Dog Trainer

Large indoor agility studio


Indoor Training Facility

A large indoor training studio is available and includes an agility course.

Violet and Stella at puppy head-start

Puppy Head-Start

In the privacy of your home or the comfort of an indoor training studio. Safe gentle training for the humans as well as the puppy. Puppies as young as eight weeks of age will benefit from this program. This is a supportive way to guide the family on how to deal with puppy antics until the puppy is old enough and has had the vaccinations required to start group puppy class.


AKC Star Puppy Test is available

Puppy Class
Group class for puppies that have had at least two series of puppy vaccinations or permission from your veterinarian. Safe, gentle training for the humans and puppies. Socialization, problem prevention, lure-reward obedience, health and safety issues are covered. AKC STAR puppy test is also available.


Young pup going through tunnel

Young Dog Socialization
Confidence building for your puppy. Designed to gently introduce your puppy to agility obstacles including a scaled down teeter-totter, dog-walk, tunnel, weave poles, pause table, etc. Small group class with a fun relaxed atmosphere. Socialization with people, dogs, sounds and sights.

Private training available
Private Behavior/Training
For dogs that will not benefit by going to a group class or have behavior issues that will not be suitable for a group setting due to aggression, extreme shyness or fearfulness, private training may be beneficial. This is also a practical solution for those who cannot attend a class due to schedule conflicts. Sessions are tailored to the individual's needs.

German Shepherd puppy in class
Level I Beginning Dog Class
Classes designed for those dogs over 5 months of age. Training humans as much as their dogs. Obedience commands, problem prevention, problem remedies, health and well-being topics are covered. Result oriented methods are used.

Down stay command
Level II Continuing Dog Class
Picking up were level I stopped. A perfect class to hone the skills previously covered and learn some new ones.

Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Canine Good Citizen Preparation Class
A perfect opportunity to practice for the American Kennel Club CGC test. This is a ten part test that demonstrates that your dog truly is a good citizen and will listen to you.